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Prayer Requests

e have added a new feature if we really use it i will pay for unlimited use so lets see what happens

over a year ago by home Pray for me

I Need Your Prayers

over a year ago by Seth Pray for me
I've written up an unspoken prayer request on a sheet of paper, that's very important. Please pray that God will fully answer everything I ask for on that sheet. Thanks for your prayers.

RSD Strikes again!

over a year ago by MG Pray for me
First I had RSD on one side, now it's on the other. Sharp burning stabbing pains, swelling and color changes. I injured my left hand in 05 now just last week my right hand was injured and I am having so much trouble with it. I no longer have a dependable hand to work with. I may lose my job over this, they don't tolerate anyone where I work being on the sidelines. On the job injuries are also not tolerated. This is purely their fault, people I work with say I should get workers comp and collect a settlement. Maybe so, but they play dirty pool and buy off the lawyers. To keep the peace, I try hard to get along and not make any waves, but this created a rift at work and it's so hard to do my job anymore. I may lose my home and car over this. The pain is so hard to deal with memory loss, buring and sweating like a marathon runner on a 100 degree day. I can't take it anymore!

prayer request

over a year ago by Linda Blackard Pray for me
I ask for prayer for one and all who suffer with this horrible disease-----We need people to understand this condition as it is not widely known about------we need friends, family, and most of all, doctors who really know about this condition to really know the pain we are feeling every day of our lives, Most have to be on some form of medications and it is as if we are considered "druggies". The pain is real and beyond anything a patient can describe, other than the burning feels as though you have the affected area dipped into a pot full of boiling grease, or thousands of bee stings relentlessly stinging-----I ask for prayer for all who suffer, and someday there can be a complete remission for all who suffer so terribly----GOD BLESS ALL-----AMEN

i have rsd

over a year ago by sandra garcia Pray for me
i have full body rsd and a lot burning pain really alot of burning pain